If you are waiting for your favorite new model to reach your local lot, you might have to hold out a little longer. The Detroit News is reporting that tens of thousands of vehicles are back-logged on rail lots mostly due to the harsh winter that affected the US.

Most major automakers ship their vehicles by rail then off-load them onto truck based transports to make the final trek to dealer lots. However, a combination of abnormally bad weather, rail-car shortages, and crude oil shipments has left a sizable chunk if potential inventory in limbo.

"Kiley said about 180,000 new vehicles are waiting to be loaded by rail across North America; the typical figure is about 69,000 and also is higher than last year's 120,000 vehicles in March 2013"

According to the article, some of the vehicles affected are:

Toyota- RAV4 and Highlander

Lexus- RX

Chevy/GMC- Heavy-duty Pickups

Ford- F-150 and Focus

and unnamed Honda models

I'm sure there are several other vehicles not mentioned that are held up as well, so check your local dealer to find out when new inventory is due to arrive.


For more details see The Detroit News:

(image via GM Authority)

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