An investigation conducted by the BBC's Watchdog organization found that Audi sales people were making claims about specific Audi models and Euro NCAP ratings that were not true.

When Daniel Jenkins purchased a brand new R8, the salesperson told him the car had a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating. A few months into his ownership, Mr. Jenkin's father was driving the R8 and became involved in an accident. Even though the saftey performance of the R8 was not involved in the accident, Mr. Jenkins decided to investigate...

"Forty-eight of the 50 dealers I spoke to told me directly that it had been put through the Euro NCAP programme and it had a five-star rating."

That is when Jenkin's contacted the BBC who expanded the investigation.

"Undercover researchers witnessed nine out of 10 dealers from around the country falsely claim the Audi A5 was Euro NCAP safety tested."

"But the A5 - as well as the A7, A8 and R8 - are not tested. Audi's UK head office falsely claimed that the entire Audi range was Euro NCAP safety tested."


Audi claims that there was no intent to mislead customers and that often vehicle literature is written by marketing departments that may have published incorrect information.

(image credit: Wikipedia)