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Paul Walker's RS6 Avant for Sale!

There is a 2003 legally imported RS6 Avant that was owned by Walker for sale on Ebay. Well that is just great...not only is this a super rare car, but because it was attached to Walker the price is going to be ridiculous. Current bid is 57,400 and the reserve has not yet been met.


Here is a little bit of the history-

This vehicle was purchased directly from Paul in October 2011. At that time, the vehicle had approximately 69,000 miles on the engine and chassis. Since its ownership change, this vehicle has been meticulously maintained and serviced every 3,000 miles. In January 2012, the original engine suffered a malfunction and a brand new Audi OEM short block engine (from the dealer) was installed by Eurotech Motorsports. Along with the engine, a new timing belt/water pump kit was installed, Additionally, all gaskets, seals, O-rings for all components were replaced. No expense was spared when repairing this vehicle due to its history. (Please see below for additional information on services.) Since then, the engine has run as strong as new. In April 2014, the transmission was completely rebuilt by ZF Transmissions, due to minor slippage from 2nd to 3rd gears.


How much would you pay for an uber-wagon owned by Walker?

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