Professional car-buying consultant. Contributing writer for Jalopnik.
Professional car-buying consultant. Contributing writer for Jalopnik.
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The car key. An object most of us take for granted, until we lose them and get stuck somewhere. I’ve been thinking about my key routine and I’m wondering if I’m missing something.


I carry a lot of keys. More than most. But right now I have a home that is under construction, and my wife and I toggle between in-laws’ to give the older folks a break from our crazy kids. I suspect many of you have perfectly legit reasons for carrying a locksmith’s worth of keys everyday.

When I go for a drive, I unclick my car key from the carabiner and put it in the ignition. Then I leave the rest either in my pocket or in some cubby in the car. I do this for two reasons; first, someone told me long ago you shouldn’t have a ton of keys hanging from the ignition as that extra weight can cause issues down the road. I’m not sure if that advice still stands, but I figure better safe than sorry. The second and more important reason is that it is just uncomfortable to have all those keys whacking my knee while I’m driving.


Once I return home I pull the car key out, reconnect it to the rest of the group and off I go. While all of this keeps the keys nicely organized it seems like an overly complicated routine.

Perhaps there’s a better way.

How do all of you manage all of your keys if you are lugging around more than just a car key and a house key? Is there some fancy gadget? Do you just throw caution to the wind and let it all dangle from the ignition?

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