Whenever a limited production performance car hits the showrooms, supply and demand dictates that dealers will try to get as much as they can out of a buyer that’s “gotta have it now.” The new GT350 and GT350R are amazing cars, but are they worth twice the price?

We all knew this was coming. It happened with the Camaro Z/28 and again with the Challenger Hellcat, ridiculous dealer markups for what is the hottest muscle car for sale at the moment. Now it is Ford’s turn with the Shelby GT350 and GT350R.

Autotrader currently has 116, GT350 models listed for sale. I figured the first car at $157,870 was a fluke as sometimes dealers will add a digit by mistake and I saw no mention of that price on the dealer’s web page. However, there are numerous other examples most of which are carrying markups ranging from $20,000 all the way up to what appears to be a dealer in Illinois that has one listed for double the MSRP!


With a starting price of $47,795 for the Shelby GT350 and $62,295 for the GT350R, both cars offer an incredible value for a legendary nameplate that is part muscle car and part track weapon. The GT350R is so good, Jalopnik’s resident racer Rob Holland declared, “it’s the best performance car Ford ever built.” However, you would have to be an insanely hard-core Shelby fan with no regard for your wallet to pony up over $50,000 on top of the asking price for one of these.

Of course, now would be a good time to remind you once again that Ford’s crosstown rival Chevrolet is offering up to $25,000 off leftover 2015 Camaro Z/28’s. You will lose out on 26 horsepower and some cool racing stripes, but you will have a lot more money in your pocket.


(H/T to Carscoops)

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