Professional car-buying consultant. Contributing writer for Jalopnik.
Professional car-buying consultant. Contributing writer for Jalopnik.
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Found on Ebay: Because Racecar, Because Rally Car

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Today we have not one, but two awesome racecars for sale. First up is a 1987 Porsche 944 Track Car with Gulf Livery, with a starting price of 25k. The next car is for all you rally fans. It is a Subaru Impreza STI rally car made for Ken Block, starting price is 125k.


About the Porsche-

Up for sale is a pretty much new Porsche 944 track car. Built by Dwain at Vision Motorsports, this car has been out once since I have owned it. Just not using it as much as I wish so, I have decided to let it go. Build sheet as follows: 2300 pound car, built on a euro 87 tub with no sunroof, 968 3.0 liter motor with approx 4 hours, 944 S trany with limited slip, cockpit adjustable jrz shocks, 2 sets of 15 inch phone dials, all tubular front Vision control arms, lexan back window, stock calipers and rotors, Aim dashboard and data system, full nascar roll cage, air oil seperator, custom cam gears and timing, 2 racing seats and harnesses, rothsport quick release steering wheel system, capable of 1:26 on big track Willow Springs. This car is very well sorted and ready to run, it is not somebodies old piece of junk, but rather fresh new, no rock chips, stunning Gulf Livery paint, and ready to go POC or PCA club racing ! Class V3 and R4. Vin number is not correct - but they made me put something down for the auction to go thru - there is no title on this car.

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About the Subaru-

This car was built specifically for Ken to use in New Zealand during the 2007 winter rally season....he did four rallies in it and a ski jump in Wanaka in the South Island which features on Youtube.

It is a genuine Subaru Impreza STI C-Spec RA which features factory lightweight items such as thinner door glass and aluminium boot/trunk lid.

It is Left Hand Drive and is fully road legal in New Zealand under a motorsport exemption (as most cars in New Zealand are right hand drive).

The car has not been used since 2007 and has been professionally rebuilt and stored since then.

It was originally built to FIA International Group N rules with a comprehensive chrome molly rollcage and extensive body shell seam welding.

Mechanicals are factory JDM specification with 2 litre turbo engine and six-speed DCCD gearbox. Brakes are factory four-pot front calipers and two-pot rears to suit the 15" gold gravel wheels.

It has current FIA legal seatbelt harnesses, hydraulic handbrake, carbonfibre co-drivers footrest and Coralba Giant rally computer.

Full kevlar underbody protection and alloy sumpguard.

Aeroquip braided brake and fuel lines.

The livery on the car is as Ken used it for filming the Wanaka ski jump in late 2007.

This car would suit a Ken Block fan, collector or motorsport person.

Shipping can be arranged to any international port at buyers expense.

Neither is street-legal but if you are in need of competition car, both seem to have a proven "track record" (see what I did there) and about 100k price difference. So which will you choose the Porsche (Hoosiers bro!) or will you take the Subaru for some sideways rally action?


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