I always loved the Honda Fit. There is just something endearing about the little compact; it has a JDM swagger unmatched by most cars it the class, say for maybe the Cube. You can cram a whole crap-load of stuff in the Fit and it is a hoot to drive in a classic "slow car fast" kind of way. I almost bought one, until I test drove it on the highway. It is a great car for around town, but at 80 mph it felt a little too sketchy to me. Even though I opted for a Mazda3 instead, the Fit is still a car I often recommend to folks looking for transport that is affordable, practical, reliable, and a little bit fun.

No long ago I reported that Honda delayed 2015 Fit deliveries to dealerships possibly due to some last minute fix. Well, the wait is over and you can go build yourself a 2015 Fit on Honda's website. The bad news is the Sport is gone now replaced by the EX trim. The good news is the car looks great even in LX mode, unlike the previous generation that really only looked good in Sport trim.

For my money, the choice would be an EX with manual trans (of course) in Aegean Blue Metallic. For a little more than 18k you can get a 6MT, Bluetooth, Honda LaneWatch, and back-up camera and plenty other goodies. Though for a car like this a back-up camera and lane watch is probably overkill. However, unlike the Lexus NX the Honda doesn't look like it wants to kill you.