Professional car-buying consultant. Contributing writer for Jalopnik.
Professional car-buying consultant. Contributing writer for Jalopnik.
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In addition to accident victims related to the ignition defect, GM is now facing a lawsuit from a dealership group that claims the automaker burdened them with "dangerous" vehicles, including ones not yet effected by the current recall.

From Detroit News-

Nettleton Auto Sales Inc. demanded actual and punitive damages on behalf of all of the company's U.S. dealers in a complaint filed May 23 in federal court in Little Rock, Arkansas. GM disclosed the lawsuit Monday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan.

GM "actively" concealed the ignition-switch defect until this year, Nettleton alleged. Detroit-based GM has recalled 2.59 million cars to repair the switches while blaming 13 deaths on the defect, which could unintentionally cut engine power and deactivate air bags.

"Plaintiff believes that there are other GM vehicles which suffer from the same or substantially similar ignition switch defects as the defective vehicles identified" on GM's recall list, Nettleton said. The additional vehicles will be added later to the list of cars causing the dealer losses, according to the complaint.


The dealership did not mention which specific vehicles GM should include in the recall. I'm no legal expert, but it would seem that suing an automaker for cars that you think should be recalled is a bit of a stretch.

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