Our good friend Tim Cain over at GoodCarBadCar.net has released the new car sales stats for April. Trucks and crossovers continue to dominate while mainstream sedans are still experiencing a sales decline. Last month Jalopnik declared, "the sedan is dead." However, this month there are a couple of bright spots if you dig deep into the list.

It what looks to be like more Jalops hitting the showrooms, the Mazda6 (#85) finally caught a break and was up 20%. The WRX (#59 but lumped in with Impreza sales) is continuing to climb with a sales increase of 36.3%. The snooze-fest Altima (#5) had some growth too, but only 4.9%. I guess the only reason to explain the Nissan sales is those silly commercials where an Altima is doing some oppo in the sand.

In the luxury segment, Mercedes is moving some serious executive sedans with the E-class (#21) increasing 21% and the S-class (#134) up a whopping 74%. In addition to Mercedes, Audi holding strong with 20.5% growth on the A6 (#132) and the all new A3 (#182) sedan with an amazing increase of 279%. Some good news for GM, the Cadillac CTS (#113) is up 6.5% which is pretty interesting when you look at the BMW 5-series (#91 ) now is down 14.1%. The Buick Regal (#124) had increased sales of 40%. Though it is too bad that Caddy's fun to drive compact the ATS (#119) just can't stay afloat with a sales drop of 19.4%, especially when the 3-series is up 18.3%. In fairness BMW combines 3 and 4 series sales, so it is hard to tell if the new 4-coupe is contributing much to that growth. Though given the 3 sedan's overall popularity and lower price point, it is probably safe to assume the 4-door is carrying the lion's share of sales. Lastly, the Lexus GS (#139) and IS (#89) sedans are up 28.8% and 119% respectively.

In an interesting turn of events, Chevy Cruze (#12) sales are up 11.2%. It would seem that Chevy dealerships are finding some success getting people out of their recalled Cobalts and into new Cruzes.


(Important to note actual sales numbers when looking at large percentage growth. For example: the Acura RLX/RL (#207) grew 93.6% because 791 units were sold in 2013, in comparison to 1531 units in 2014)

Have a look at the list, how did your favorite 4-door do? Any other surprises?

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