Your differential and µ - How traction works.

Gas engines, Diesel, hybrid, electric, lazers…they all need to get the power to the wheels and unless there is a motor for each wheel, you need a way to split the power between the two sides. You could simply apply a solid shaft, or drive a single wheel, but that doesn’t actually work in the real world with corners… » 7/15/15 8:56pm 7/15/15 8:56pm

Guy Buys Used Car, Said Used Car Involved in Murder: No Car for Guy Now

Over on the northern border of the US, a man from Ontario, Reddit user /u/IGotScrewedOver (assuming that’s a throwaway) bought a used car from a dealership. He had the car towed home and waited for the insurance set to kick in Monday, June 1st. The local Mounties (police) then came to his house and seized his car,… » 5/31/15 5:42pm 5/31/15 5:42pm

Everything You Need to Do the Summer Before College: A Checklist

The summer before you go to college can be a whirlwind of activity and, exciting as it is, it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks or get pushed back until the last minute. To make things go a little smoother, here’s a checklist of things you should be taking care of. » 5/13/15 7:35am 5/13/15 7:35am

Subaru dealer wrecks customer's new WRX, refuses to make it right

Here is another case of a dealer "test driving" customer's car and getting into a wreck. Now the dealer is trying to wiggle their way out of paying for the repair bill and saying the customer's insurance company should pay for it.
» 2/01/15 5:04pm 2/01/15 5:04pm

Here’s What American Endurance Racing At Lime Rock Park Looks Like

American Endurance Racing is the new kid on the block for low-buck motorsports. Based around simple rules and a "race what ya got" mentality, it's got lots of appeal to anyone who's ever raced 24 Hours of LeMons or Chumpcar. On an ass-clenchingly cold late November weekend, AER stormed into historic Lime Rock Park… » 11/26/14 6:33am 11/26/14 6:33am

​This Little Dongle Is Going To Help Your Kids Learn To Drive

Automatic, the smartphone-connected OBDII dongle that does everything from tracking your gas mileage to diagnosing a check engine light, is getting into the drivers' ed business. It's called License+ and it's designed to keep tabs on new drivers during those crucial weeks and months after they're licensed.
» 10/27/14 6:14pm 10/27/14 6:14pm

A[4]WD - What is AWD/4WD and how does it work?

4WD vs AWD, as big a battleground among car people as steam engines vs gas engine am i right? Well no, but its probably just as confusing if not as popularly debated, if for nothing else than the determination of marketers to brand their all wheel control system as being the only one to prevent you from hitting that… » 10/24/14 5:47pm 10/24/14 5:47pm