Ultra Simple License Plate Sensor Adds Collision Protection to Any Car

If your car’s scratched and dented bumpers reveal a long history of you accidentally backing into things, you don’t necessarily need to buy a new vehicle just to get a fancy collision warning system. If you have a smartphone, and can use a screwdriver, you can easily install this license plate cover that serves as an…


Five Steps that Make It Easier to Skim Through Non-Fiction Books

Whether you’re reading a non-fiction book for school or for fun, it’s pretty common to want to breeze through them quickly. Non-fiction book aren’t typically structured like fiction books, and as the Harvard Business Review points out, they’re much easier to skim if you want to. Here’s how HBR suggests you do it.

These Modern Interpretations Of Classic Rally Cars Are So Satisfying

Our pals over at Carwow convinced one of their artists, Yasid, to mock up a bunch of rally cars. Not just any rally cars, though — the goal was to take the modern re-births of cars that once had rich rallying history (well, mostly), and see how their modern interpretations would look in full rally kit. I think the…